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Age:  Much older than you need know.

Race: Xaa SunFall, is half dark elf and... err... mischievous mage

Description: Xaa wears fabric folds of black and grays, draped about her body in a loose outfit that serves her purposes well. She wears black leather sandals that wraps up her shins to her knees. Around her wrists are ropes and strings of dragon tendons. Her eyes are are a red-orange and her lips are a soft pale red. She has pointed ears and sharp looking eyebrows. Because of her dark elf history she stands 7' 2" tall, muscular build. Her hair is brown but in the light of an inn it looks dark black. Her hair is short and tapered.  She wears a belt around her waist, black leather with holes throughout it lined with metal rings. Attached to the belt is her sword and dagger, the black sword is in a black scabbard. On the scabbard are old looking markings, intricately drawn with burnt lines. The dagger is also black, no markings on it can be seen.

Personality: Changes much too often. Meet her to find out.