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The Many Faces of Randilyn


Gatta love that goofy face don't cha? ^_^

By the way, this picture is very old now. I have red hair, no more glasses! and I lost weight on that strange muffin diet I had a month back...

Anyways. I'm 15 years old, residing in Shawnee, Kansas (near Kansas City) I am so extremely into dinosaurs, role playing, snakes, computers, and web sites. That is what my list pretty much consists of now, besides school. Freshman in high school now. ick. I love snakes, I keep several in my room, which is in the basement of our house. My computer life almost consists of IRC alone, besides web sites. IRC is my life currently, that is where my friends are. I have loved dinosaurs for the longest time, and you'll see quite a bit of my dinosaur self peeking through, such as my screen name for all my snake stuff, hades`raptor. Oh yeah.. I'm also into fantasy/si-fi A LOT. So, through out my web sites you'll notice various things, suck as dragons and gothic type things, or my other screen name, Nyx - goddess of night. I like the greek/roman mythology shows..

As far as life goes, that isn't about my hobbies...well it sucks. I spend my free time at school talking with either my gothic friends, snake friends, or the science teachers. At home: I have three siblings, two sisters and a brother. I have two parents but I feel a divorce coming on. Our house is full of animals, First off, my snakes, quite a few of them. Then my sister has a bearded dragon, and a g-pig. Theres two dogs roaming our house, greyhound and Labrador, one cat, two horses and I guess you could consider the spiders in the basement....

Yes, I am a goth-wanna-be. I used to be in the phase a few months back, then it like left...and I'm going back into it! I will never wear any other colours but red, black, blue and maybe greens. hurm...its time I shut up. Email me if you ever have questions about anything!