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Pandora Gallery
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    This is a page loaded with pictures of Pandora! I love this girl so I'm taking tons of pictures, one reason is to track her color change as she gets older! Enjoy! All of these were taken in March 2000.


Pandora1.jpg (168551 bytes)

Pandors Hanging outside

Pandora2.jpg (173826 bytes)

Pandora Hanging Outside

PandoraBodyShot.jpg (273153 bytes)

Long Body Veiw

PandoraBodyShot2.jpg (129730 bytes)

Front Shot of her Body

PandoraD1.jpg (44153 bytes)

Pandora's tail on my arm.

PandoraD3.jpg (78915 bytes)

My sister with Pandora.

PandoraD4.jpg (41784 bytes)

Tail Shot

PandoraD5.jpg (96134 bytes)

Tail Shot

PandoraD6.jpg (68794 bytes)

Pandora hanging on my wrist

PandoraD7.jpg (84281 bytes)

Pandora on my hand

PandoraD8.jpg (123678 bytes)

Tail Sot

PandoraD9.jpg (65413 bytes)

Pandora on my comp desk

PandoraDD1.jpg (75374 bytes)

"Hello up There!"

PandoraDK.jpg (188424 bytes)

Pandora on my Keyboard!

PandoraDoggieD1.jpg (54620 bytes)

Hanging out with me!

Pandoraf0od7.jpg (95749 bytes)

Weird feeding shot

PandoraFood1.jpg (85332 bytes)

Pandora is ready to eat!

Pandorafood2.jpg (84293 bytes)

A its down!

Pandorafood3.jpg (51938 bytes)

Faded Feeding Shot

Pandorafood4.jpg (66985 bytes)


Pandorafood5.jpg (84161 bytes)


Pandorafood6.jpg (98337 bytes)

Down the Hatch!

Pandorafood8.jpg (72788 bytes)

"I see you!"0

PandoraRex.jpg (101079 bytes)

Pandora on my Rex Phone!

PandoraRex2.jpg (151540 bytes)


PandoraStonyD2.jpg (70567 bytes)

Pandora with a ball python

GroupPicD1.jpg (80785 bytes)

Me, Randilyn, with Pandora!

OutsideD1.jpg (165111 bytes)

Getting Some Sun!

CageD1.jpg (58617 bytes)

My Room and two cages.

OutsideD2.jpg (171130 bytes)

Snake in the Grass!

Please don't use any of these pictures without permission of the webmistress.


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