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Welcome to my addiction! IRC!


From the title you may have figured this out...I am addicted to IRC...I am on it as long as I'm online, and often times when I'm not at my computer or asleep I leave IRC on to log! Well if you want to chat with can find me on IRC. If I am at my computer, in there...hers general directions to get to my place.

If you don't have mIRC or some other IRC client go to and go to the Java Chat. Fill in your nick name and join the room #darkmyst or #krulchat or my new gothic/pagan/whatever chat room #gothic. If I'm not in #darkmyst ill be in #krulchat. For those of you with IRC clients the server is

Here are the Screen Names I will be in: (I hope I listed them all) 

  • Nyx
  • hadesr
  • Pandora
  • LadyFrost
  • Absinth
  • Xaa
  • Cyrsni
  • FrostWolf
  • Sai`oth
  • Toxin

I love to chat, about anything, espcially snakes and dinosaurs. So all you reptile people or dinosaur people! Come chat! The room #krulchat is a dinosaur OOC chat...lots of people who are willing to talk dinosaurs and many of them keep reptiles, Kilimbren, SteelClaw, Talon, and more. And BTW: If you don't see me there, simply ask around for Nyx/hadesr. Someone will know where I am, always

Feel free to join the many Role Playing Games (RPG) of the server! I own one of them, and help run three are links for all the RPG's of the server DarkMyst.

If you have no interest in RPG's theres tons of chat rooms, warze rooms, and other wierd things. Feel free to stops by DarkMyst Its my hangout!!! 

FYI: DarkMyst is hosting the Chicon Convention August 31-September 4. Science Fictions fans should come!!! Email me for more information or stop by the chat rooms. I am also now, happily employed as a server admin/advertiser....thus you see DarkMyst banners on my websites ^_^