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My Fave. Links


I usually don't make a links page for personal web sites...but I've been so bored recently (even though school started) that I decided to waste more of my time making useless pages of my favorite things that I hope you enjoy. So.. sit back and view the extensions of my interests, beware! ^_^ This is real skimpy now, I lost all my bookmarks when I junked up my computers!


- Snakes - - totally rocks!
The Emble Reptile Database
Kansas City Herp Society
Ball Python Lair Forum
Snot - Ball Python


- Dinosaurs -

DJ Raptor
Jurassic Grill - hilarious!
Dinosaur Research Expeditions
College of Eastern Utah
The Fossil Company


- Arts - 

The Illuminator's Guild
The Eldanar Language
Vixen Controlled Library
Cara Mitten


- Random Stuff - 

Heroic Peta Commandos Kill 49, Save Rabbit
Dark Poetry Publications
Hot Topic - muahahahhaha!
Eldanar Language 
The Scripting Crypt
The Pink Floyd Fandom
Jurassic Punk - video clips galore!
White Wolf Clan - totally awesome


 - Open Diary -

Talon (Travis)

Nyx (Uhm...its me!)
Seneca (Logan, my cousin)
RedRaptor (Larry)
LadyDeath (Brandy, my enemy)

Kai (Kai is his name..)

Flame (Andrew)
Fenrir (Mark)
Jade (Jade is her name...)

Teal (Jake)