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Real Name: Sindara Karun
Age: 19 human years
Species: Artic Wolf
Forms: Wolf, human, white dragon
Profession: Ice Mage
Wolf Description: She is powerfully built, large paws and jaws. Her fur is thick, grays, blacks and whites and hints of blue on her tail. Her claws and teeth are a dark blue, hardly distinguishable from black at times. Her eyes are a dull blue, white hinting in the corners; when she becomes excited, mad, or extremely happy her eyes light up, glowing brighter blues.
Human Description: She has jet black hair with dark blue highlights; shoulder length, thick and curly. Her lips are blue, and her eyes are the same in any form. Her body is strongly built yet still shapely and attractive. She wears a black bodice, blue thread to highlight curves and bends. The bodice is threateningly cut low on the top. Her dress is black with red and blue ends, slit up the sides to her hips. She wears black leather boots to her knees, lace up the front, and back. At her waist are three silver chains, see history, they hold her sword, Ayiak, and the other various things she carries like bottles of animals, small pouches and poisons. In her left boot is a dagger, see history. She is often times seen with an ice dragon on her shoulder, small and white, evil looking claws but actually quite the curious creature.
Parents: Neifun and Kindea Karun-both dead
Siblings: Keahi-living, Lientea-dead
History: Frosty was born in the North, the oldest of three puppies. She was raised as a wolf, never knowing anything more of the world than hunt, sleep and play. When she was 10 her frozen lands were destroyed by a fire, her parents and clan dying with the fire. Her sister got away, and one other relative; only recently did she find them both in Red Dragon Inn.
Once she was driven from her North home she wandered into a human village, still wolf form and came across a strange old man on a street corner. The old man was a hermit, in town only for a celebration and he happened to be a skilled magician. Frost hung with him for a year, still as a wolf but discovering her powers a little bit at a time. Eventually the magician found out how to talk to her, mind speech and they enjoyed conversations long into the night. One night the magician asked Frost to concentrate hard on changing her form...she did and ended up changing to her second form, human. Once she found out she had strange powers, derived of mage blood in her wolf body, she left the magician, her powers racing past his.
She traveled around Middle Earth, age now 15, expanding her magic abilities and growing up own her own. She tagged along with mages, Kings, strange creatures and one White Dragon. The white dragon she came across taught her, her third and final form, white dragon. As of yet she cannot tame the powers of the dragon, holding the form for 15 min. tops but it does come in handy every so often.
Eventually she came across Red Dragon Inn and has stayed there for 5 months, the longest she's stayed at any Tavern. She has found many friends, and her husband, Jason...also known as Talon. She loves him...and lament but because Lament is married she keeps that love hidden, extremely well most of the time.