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Reptiles and Amphibians

Reptiles! My second passion in life! Here you will find pictures of my animals, and information on two of the types I keep. This is pretty much the leftovers from two separate web sites I had for Red Tailed Boas and one for Ball Pythons. I closed those web sites down, and moved the contents here. Click on the page for info about that snake and go to the picture page for pics of my animals.

I started with snakes in May of 98' We moved to a new house in Kansas and the yard was infested with garter snakes. I started to catch the garters, and keep them in captivity. I can proudly say I never had one die on me ^_^ Thus the beginning of my snake keeping hobby. I began to bug my parents for a ball python and eventually they let me. Well, the first ball python I got was from a PetCo and it died within 24 hours of purchase. I despise all PetCo's now and work with the SPSAC to help pet stores take better care of their animals. 

My collection of snakes grew...and grew, and would keep growing if school hadn't started a month ago. With high school now in my schedule, and work, I barely find enough time to take care of the snakes I have now and have begun to sell them. I sold 4 rat snakes and 2 surinam boas just this month. Now I have more money, which is good because next July I am planning on attending a  paleontology dig in July with a few internet friends. While my collection of snakes grows knowledge still grows larger. I constantly read up on the care of snakes, and am finally beginning to learn a bit about other herps, not just snakes. I still don't like lizards all that much, but hey, I still need to learn about them ^^