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CageD2.jpg (60224 bytes)A stand back view of half one wall of my room. It's located in the basement, so there is no door and no 'real' ceiling, just rafters. Of course, the walls are decorated with dinosaur things, cant help myself. The cage on the top right is a ball python cage, 20gallon. The one on the left is a temporary 10gallon cage for a red tailed boa baby. Under the ball python cage is a white dresser, which holds beanie babies, all of which I sold recently *g*


Cage1.jpg (33033 bytes) I despise this cage now ^_^ Ball python cage. On the left is a water bowl, on the left is a hide box and a under tank heater is below that. Above the cave I have a ceramic heat emitter. I know  this seems like a lot of heating but I have to have it because all the cages are located in the cold basement. The subtrate of this cage was Repti-Bark but is now regular newspaper, along with all the other cages.