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Click on the Thumbnail to view the picture in full size. The pictures are slightly large when full screen.


anerykilo.jpg (40467 bytes)    anerykiloblack.jpg (40453 bytes)

I was playing withthe color changers in paintshop pro.

 Intresting and all but I still hate this pic!


whiteeye3.jpg (565551 bytes)

Raptor is watching the sun.. I was in a weird mood when I made this


whiteeye2.jpg (33808 bytes) 

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Tyr, another raptor char, not my char.


whiteeye1.jpg (157312 bytes)

What could he possibly my looking at?

stuffyraptor7.jpg (41542 bytes)

A new breed of Utahraptor I'm trying to establish.

Mean, big, carno like, and low coloration, anery like.


nyxporta.jpg (57014 bytes) 

A portrait of my Role-Playing Char, Nyx



stuffrapto2.jpg (158534 bytes) stuffdrag.jpg (187770 bytes) dragon.jpg (79334 bytes)


 dca8d31f.jpg (315138 bytes)    f4a88ab7.jpg (449426 bytes)    17237efd.jpg (174473 bytes)   b817ff03.jpg (71145 bytes)   

I can just never seem to get the head right on the snakes!


    boredtime.jpg (117968 bytes)    Image5.jpg (121429 bytes)

And this is what I do during school, I draw on the pages I'm supposed to be writing notes on. The weird black and blue thing is the front of my notebook, I covered it in marker designs with letting that's unreadable. The back and sides are exactly the same way!


Image2.jpg (68377 bytes)    Image3.jpg (171564 bytes)    

This is what I do at work, draw idly. Nothing seems to happen at my job so I draw.


ladyof.jpg (33619 bytes)

My first ever human...kind of sucks. The symbol behind her is a raptoric symbol.


Image4.jpg (163052 bytes) 

This is a wood carving print I tried one day. I carved out the outline of a dragon on a rock, rolled paint over it then put it thru a print, ill try to scan in the prints, they are cool!